Interactive discussion threads for homeworks!

This is an experiment. You know what I keep saying in class: Ask your question, because if you have that question, others likely have similar questions.

I would like to try something new: Instead of responding to each question individually (in the office or by e-mail), I would like you to post your question or your discussion items here, under the general discussion page or under a specific homework page. I’ll try and respond as I would to an e-mail.

If you have a question, you might want to look at the homework thread. Maybe somebody has already asked a similar question? Or maybe you’d want to try and answer a question from another student — you could actually test your knowledge that way.

Or you have a comment or an interesting web site that you’d like to point out. Just post it under the general class page.

I am looking forward to starting this experiment, and I hope that you provide me with constant feedback and critique,  and with suggestions how to further improve the communication between professor and students and between students in a class.


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