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This thread is for discussion of the midterm exercise questions and general midterm preparation discussion.

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  1. I have started a collaborative google document that is easy for students to access, edit, and ask questions.
    This will hopefully make it easier for students to ask and answer questions as it is a freely editable document.

    Dr. Haidekker, if you would at all be interested, we would also love it if you could possibly check this document to see the discussions going on and possibly correct very misunderstood thinking! I completely understand, however, that you are also very busy and therefore have created a way for students to leave questions on the document for us to ask in class as well!

    Dr. Haidekker and other students who are interested:
    Here is the link to the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D42LrnM1SKNguMESlpVTKFzWPsCWjw3edX-xRJTb3lQ/edit?usp=sharing

    Good luck to everyone and thank you Dr. Haidekker for always being so willing to answer questions. It truly makes learning that much more accessible!

    • OK, if you prefer it that way, why not? Somehow it seems as if we are duplicating the blog, but I’ll be happy to follow the shared document, too.

      • Agreed! It is repetitive. The only reason I even suggested it is because we could just answer the study guide questions and edit wrong answers which you cannot do on the blog. If other people are online, you can also start discussions with them as you are studying! It is effective for some classes and not for others but I figured it was worth a shot!
        If not, we could always just come back to the blog and begin asking questions via threads! Thank you again Dr. Haidekker!

  2. Just one comment… if you look at those 15 exercise questions and you are not sure how to answer them (let alone why), you are *not* sufficiently prepared for the midterm.

  3. Following today’s request to relate the exam preparation questions to book chapters:

    Q1, Q2, Q14: Chapter 2, pp. 13-15
    Q3, Q10: Chapter 5, pp. 67-70 and pp. 79-88
    Q4, Q13: Chapter 3, pp. 39-47
    Q5, Q9: Conceptual questions
    Q6, Q7: Chapter 5, pp. 90-91
    Q8: Chapter 2, pp. 25-26
    Q11: Chapter 6, pp. 103-105
    Q12, Q15: Chapter 1, pp. 9-12

    Please keep in mind that the questions strongly aim at understanding and less at repetition.

  4. The images in Question 9 show a slice through a mouse brain. At the top, the eyes are visible, at the bottom, the cerebellum. The hook-like structures near the center are the ventricles. This information should have been given.

  5. In retrospect, it looks like Jenna’s idea of a shared document was extremely popular. Thanks, Jenna, for coming up with the idea and providing the shared doc.

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