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We need to collect items for purchase so that we can obtain the items in two orders: One earlier in the semester (first week of February, perhaps) and one toward the end of the semester.

Please list items you need in the comments below this page. If possible, please also provide a link to some store, e.g., DigiKey, Newark (Elements 14), or Jameco.

7 thoughts on “Shopping List

    • We may have something very similar in the back room of 312, I think it is the INA116 — check it out, it may be equally usable.

  1. for the electrode teams: Set of 6 (as 2×3) 18650 cells plus battery holder for 3 cells each. Plus charging device. Three 18650 cells provide ~10V, great for op-amps.

    We might also go cheap and use a set of 4 (configured as 3+1) to have an asymmetric supply for the op-amps. I don’t think we’ll have wide swings of negative voltages anywhere.

    Tons of those on Amazon.

  2. Pulse Ox Group:
    infrared LEDs and red ones if they aren’t around driftmier
    amplifier (haven’t decided on type yet)
    a sort of finger clamp that can hold the LED’s and photodiode onto the finger (might be able to construct something or 3D print it)

  3. I can provide the following:

    * AD 625 instrumentation amplifier (maximum 3 pcs)
    * TSAL6200 IR emitter (LED), 940nm
    * Phototransistor BPW77NA (possible alternative for photodiode)
    * Photodiodes — there are some in 209

    Also, I’d like you to decide which optoisolator you need. If you transmit a digital signal, we can use the 6N138. This means a bit more signal processing on the battery side. Or, you can build an analog mirror with a dual optoisolator, in which case I can offer the TLP620.

  4. Pulse Oxymeter Group: You mentioned 3D printing. I think this is a great idea. Try to devise a sort of finger clip or finger sleeve onto which you can mount the electrooptics. This will help you a lot by making the signals more stable and less dependent on random movement.

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