Semester Project Discussion (2)

This is a continuation of the Semester Project thread. Since most of the questions on the main thread have been answered, I’d like to start a new blank page to keep it more clearly arranged.

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  1. A student asked: Is there any possibility you could push back the due date for the video presentation? Saturday is the G-Day game and the college of engineering is hosting an event all day prior to the game. It will be difficult for us to reach the labs on Saturday in order to get the right equipment we may need to record or projects. I was hoping you would at least just push back the due date to Sunday night so we can put on last minute touches if we cannot get the projects to work by the milestone 7 deadline.

    • I prefer not to do this. We discussed the timeline in class, and there seemed fairly broad agreement.

      You all want to know your 90% cutoff, and with our present schedule it will be tight enough, meaning, I won’t be able to have your end-of-semester grades before Reading Day. Any further delay and we’d get closer and closer to exam time.

  2. Another student question that deserves a detailed answer: We were wondering what exactly what you wanted for milestone 7? Since our full video isn’t due until the 22nd, should we provide a short video of our robot demonstrating its functionality?

  3. Milestone 7 is related to your written report, and you can see it as an update to your semester project report. In fact, Milestone 7 will be the last part of the report that more or less completes it.

    What I’d like to see:

    • Discussion of the controller — What controller type did you end up using? How did you realize it? What values for kp, kD, … did you use (approximately)?
    • Did this match what you expected from theory?
    • What final closed-loop behavior did you achieve? Did it work (proof)? If not, in what way did it not work?
    • Details, such as circuit diagrams, program code

    Two more comments related to the report:

    1) This section should give you a near-final report, but you have one more chance to review the report for its final submission (Milestone 9) on 4-25. Milestone 9 is for the report itself, and the 10 points count for the overall professional appearance of the report, neatness, structure.

    2) Milestone 7 counts for 40 points. A good chunk of this goes to the description of your practical realization, plus a discussion if something did not work as expected. This also means that you do NOT lose the full 40 points if your system does not work.

  4. If we cannot get the levitator to work in the end, what exactly do you want to see from us in our video? We have attempted both an analog and digital controller and haven’t had great success thus far. It seems the video is more geared towards showing the final and working product, which we probably won’t have unless we have an epiphany.

  5. The video should capture the following topics:

    • Very brief introduction into the project and the design goals
    • Control principles (i.e., what is needed to create a stable system) — also brief, because most people know this already
    • Components for the prototype
    • Description of the controller (circuit and, if digital, software)
    • Demonstration of the system’s behavior and proof of stability (if applicable)

    So even if your project does not work, the video should still provide an overview of what you did and perhaps what went wrong.

  6. Just for clarification, if our project does not work, are we only eligible for 10/40 points? On ELC it says “considerable partial credit” may be awarded for a thorough and well-thought out analysis of why the robot does not work, but I am curious as to whether or not that is in reference to the 10 points or if we would be able to earn more than 10 of the total 40 points.

    • I don’t know if there is a direct link — can anybody help?

      I logged in to Youtube via the username and password that Daniel created and that I posed in an eLC announcement. This part works, at least.

      • This is what I see .
        Youtube video site is now live!Actions for Youtube video site is now live! Apr 21, 2017 3:48 PM
        It seems that teams are beginning to post their videos. If you use this as a sandbox, please make sure to mark your video as such so it does not get graded.

        There is no link or username or password can you tell me.

    • When you look at the eLC announcements, do you not see older announcements? I am referring to the one made on April 12 at 11:42am. (I don’t want to post the passwords in a public forum as it apparently includes full admin rights)

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