Quiz 1: Closed loop and static response

5 thoughts on “Quiz 1: Closed loop and static response

  1. I received one question regarding Question 1 of the quiz. The problem was my definition of $H(s)$. In Linear Systems, you probably have used $H(s)$ for transfer functions in general. For our class, we’ll often use $H(s)$ for the controller function and other symbols (e.g., $G(s)$) for other transfer functions.

    For the quiz, this means that the controller is turned off ($H(s)=0$ or $k_p=0$). Formally, you can look at the closed-loop denominator and simply set $k_p=0$. The shortcut is to use the transfer function that emerges from Eq. 1.

  2. For future quizes, can you set ELC to allow us to upload multiple documents into one dropbox folder. Each page of the quiz a document in itself and this would make it much easier to upload. If not, in what format do you want us to upload these documents?

    • I understand your side and why you are asking for that. Unfortunately, eLC does not make it easy to view and review multiple files — especially jpeg files or similar image formats. And I would have to do this for ~100 submissions each time. The time savings for me are considerable (due to this this x100 factor) when submissions are only one file. I have done this before — allowing multiple files — and eLC makes this rather painful. I hope you can understand my situation.

      Preferred file format? PDF. I appreciate it!

    • You can easily just use a Free PDF converter. or use the app
      “Genius Scan”. Shouldn’t be a problem to only have 1 document.

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